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Marmon Muscle in Williamsburg, VA

Marmon Muscle is an instruction-based, performance training facility located in Williamsburg, VA, that has been a staple in the community since opening its doors in 2010. Our varied weekly schedule includes CrossFit classes, individualized training for Sports/Tactical/Adult Fitness, and more. Each service that we provide is designed to address a specific demographic. Welcome to the community of athletes that have decided that EASY will no longer suffice.


Brief Overview

Easy-to-access location
Affordable fitness classes
Fun and supportive community
Professional, CrossFit Certified Coaches
Convenient schedule of class times and days
Classes to fit your fitness level!


David Marmon - Head Coach
Audra Harrison - Assistant Coach
Britta Marmon - Assistant Coach

Michelle Massie - Assistant Coach

Catherine Law - Assistant Coach

Tom Toothaker - Assistant Coach

Stephanie Toothaker - Assistant Coach

Iwona Kakareko - Assistant Coach
Laura Bligh - Assistant Coach
Kareem Selwaeh - Assistant Coach

Ellen Womeldorf - Assistant Coach


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Information for Drop-ins


We LOVE out-of-town guests at CrossFit Williamsburg.

Below are a list of expectations for drop-ins.

  • You must be an experienced CrossFit athlete that currently trains at a CrossFit affiliate (or has completed an On Ramp/101 program at a CrossFit affiliate).
  • You can participate in one of our classes, work privately with one of our coaches, or we offer OPEN GYM hours.
  • You need to create a profile and make a reservation online for the class that you plan to attend. Please do not show up unannounced.

Thank you and welcome!

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