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David Marmon

MS, CSCS, USAW Level 1 CrossFit, CrossFit Mobility, CrossFit Kids, Coaches Prep Course President/Owner/Head Coach   Q: Give us a little background on how you selected your career path. How did you know that this was your calling? A: Honestly… I think being a fat kid had a lot to do with my career path. Being a fat kid makes you an easy target for ridicule and jokes. I hated it. Aside from that, I loved the preparation that went into football and wrestling season. The level of confidence that preparation gave me was very intoxicating and it made competition very enjoyable. Once I got to college I found out that I could get paid to help other people achieve their dreams & goals – my path was cemented.   Q: What is your training philosophy?

A: I could write several pages on my training philosophy, but I will keep it short. “Logical (Functional movement + Intensity + Consistency) = Results


Q: What is the biggest misconception clients have about CrossFit?

A: The biggest things that I hear are “I can’t do that” or “I don’t want to get hurt”. CrossFit is designed to be BROAD, GENERAL, and INCLUSIVE (meaning ANYONE can do it). As far as safety goes, I will put it to you this way… my younger brother got knocked out playing in an adult kickball league. I have never been knocked out doing CrossFit.


Q: What separates you from other professionals in your field?

A: It’s not business; it’s personal. Making money is just a perk of what I do. My passion lies in the relationships with my clients and the progress that they make. It is very personal to me. I take my job very seriously and I expect the same from my clients. I am actually very selective about my clientele. It has to be a good fit for me to get involved or I will refer them to another trainer. Money doesn’t drive me; success does!


Q: What is one piece of free fitness advice that you would give anyone?

A: If every American did 100 burpees per day, we would be the fittest nation in the world.


Q: What is your favorite exercise?

A: Deadlift. Leg exercises are my strength.


Q: What is your least favorite exercise?

A: Bench press. Too cliché for me.


Q: What is your favorite song to listen to when you workout?

A: At the moment it’s “Brooklyn Bound” by The Black Keys.


Q: What do you love most about working at the MSPF/CrossFit Williamsburg?

A: Where do I begin… I get to “work” with my best friends in an environment that exudes fun, motivation, and self-improvement. I develop amazing relationships with clients as I watch them grow and improve. Shirts and shoes are optional. I can lay in a pool of my own sweat and blood while I’m “on the clock”. Loud and obnoxious music is the norm. I have the greatest boss in the world.
In all seriousness, what I love the most about our facility is the “community” that we have created and continue to develop every day.

David Marmon instructs the following:
  • OPEN GYM is designated time for CrossFit Williamsburg athletes to work on specific skills (such as double unders, gymnastics, rowing, olympic lifting, etc.), make up workouts from earlier in the week, or perform individualized workouts that were programmed for them by a member of the Marmon Muscle/CrossFit Williamsburg staff.  A coach will be present to supervise OPEN GYM, but they may not be available to provide you with individualized instruction.
    Expectations for OPEN GYM:
    • Make a reservation.  Please do not show up without reserving a spot.
    • Safety first!
    • Be courteous of classes or private sessions that are in session.  Communicate with the coaching staff about the use of space or equipment.
    • Clean up after yourself. 
    • No outside programming.

  • CrossFit - WOD
  • CrossFit Williamsburg's Workout of the Day
    CrossFit is our large group, General Physical Preparedness program. It is broad, general, and inclusive by design. We incorporate a variety of training modalities such as weightlifting, running, rowing, strongman, and gymnastics to prepare people for LIFE. The secret to success of any CrossFit program is the community support an encouragement of your fellow athletes.

  • Sport/Adult Fitness/Tactical
  • Please note that you must make your reservations 3 hours in advance of your scheduled time. Also, slots for each class will become unavailable if it fills up (5 athletes). You can opt to be put on the wait list if the class is full.

    We train elite athletes at every level. Marmon Muscle prepares athletes to get the most out of their bodies by increasing strength, endurance, and flexibility, leading to increased productivity and decreased injury. Training also includes nutritional consulting focused on improving their overall performance. Athletes work in small groups with coaches to maximize the learning environment and maintain athlete safety. We offer year-round training programs for the following sports: Baseball, Basketball, Field Hockey, Football, Golf, Gymnastics, Hockey, Lacrosse, Soccer, Softball, Swimming, Tennis, Track, Volleyball, Wrestling and more.
    • Youth & High School Program (6th-12th grade)
    • Collegiate Program
    • Combine Prep
    • Professional
    • Team Training
    Adult Fitness: 
    The game of life has no off-season. Responsibilities at work and home require your very best on a daily basis. We have the state-of-the art facilities and coaching staff that can change your life and transform the way you perform, look, and feel. Training sessions are done in a small group setting to give you optimal supervision and instruction. Whether your goal is to lose weight, live longer, get stronger, or run a 5k - Marmon Muscle can serve as your catalyst. 
    • Working Professionals
    • Stay-at-Home Moms and Dads
    • Retirees
    • Corporate Teams
    Preparation for Duty... and Life. Marmon Muscle's Tactical Training Programs address the unexpected challenges and conditions associated with today's Tactical Professional. Training sessions are done in a small group setting to give you optimal supervision and instruction. Our goal is to maximize work capacity, speed, agility, strength, power, and flexibility to help our tactical athletes succeed and more importantly, survive.
    • Military
    • Police
    • Firefighter
    • Tactical Group or Unit
    CrossFit 101:
    CrossFit 101 is an Orientation Program for Beginner Athletes

    Our CrossFit 101 course completely prepares beginners for our CrossFit group classes. The course is designed to set you up for success, teaching new CrossFitters the basic movements, skills, and nutritional knowledge they will need for our group classes, while giving our staff the opportunity to gradually introduce you to the program.

    Our 101 is a 10 session course that must be completed before you can participate in a general population WOD class. The 10 sessions must be scheduled and completed in a six week time span. Sessions are one hour in length and located at CrossFit Williamsburg. ALL SESSIONS MUST BE SCHEDULED 3 HOURS BEFORE START TIME.  

    Participation is MANDATORY for anyone that has not participated in 101 or an On-Ramp course at a CrossFit affiliate.

    The $250 program fee includes:

    10 private/semi-private sessions with a CrossFit Williamsburg coach
    Bodyweight/Body Composition Analysis
    Paleo/Zone Nutrition Packet
    Purchase a CrossFit 101 Package

    *No Refunds.
    *CrossFit 101 expires 1 year from date of purchase.
    For more information please contact Britta Marmon, brittamarmon@gmail.com.