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Stephanie Toothaker

Level 1 Crossfit
Assistant Coach
Q: Give us a little background on how you selected your career path. How did you know that this was your calling?
A: I have always enjoyed sports and fitness and sought a profession where I could turn my hobbies into a career. As a Crossfit Coach and Physical Therapist I have the best of both worlds. I help people recover from injuries and empower them to make lifestyle changes that will improve their overall health.
Q: What is your training philosophy?
A: My training philosophy is basically a summary of the definition of Crossfit. Vary your workouts, perform functional movements and keep the intensity high. Listen to your trainers, work on your weaknesses and don’t be afraid to try new exercises.
Q: What is the biggest misconception clients have about CrossFit?
A: People think that they need to get in shape before they join. All Crossfit workouts can be modified to match your fitness level and goals.
Q: What separates you from other professionals in your field?A: As a Physical Therapist I advise others to exercise and eat healthy. I think what separates me from other Physical Therapists is that I practice what I preach. I think leading by example is the best way to inspire change in others.
Q: What is one piece of free fitness advice that you would give anyone?
A: Before your begin any diet or exercise program make sure you are doing it because it is going to make YOU happy. Set realistic goals and find a way to exercise that you enjoy and you will be more likely to stick with it.
Q: What is your favorite exercise?
A: I love gymnastic movements and Olympic lifts
Q: What is your least favorite exercise?
A: Thrusters

Q: What is your favorite song to listen to when you workout?
A: Anything fast paced
Q: What do you love most about working at the MSPF/CrossFit Williamsburg?

A: The athletes and coaches are so supportive of each other. I enjoy working out with and coaching people that share the same passion that I do for the sport of fitness.

Stephanie Toothaker is currently not instructing any classes.