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Britta Marmon

Level 1 Crossfit
Vice President -Administration/Associate Head Coach
Q: Give us a little background on how you selected your career path. How did you know that this was your calling?
A: I started coaching while I was a student athlete at the University of Iowa and continued working in the coaching world after I graduated. I got into college coaching soon thereafter and have been coaching soccer in the college ranks ever since. I have always valued strength and conditioning and the integral role it plays in the lives of athletes of all types. I started Cross Fitting regularly about a year ago and realized the impact it was having on my life and wanted to share that with as many others as possible ever since. Just like coaching my college kids, CrossFit is not just about training and seeing physical results, it’s about life, and the way you want to live it. The reason why I love CrossFit is because it indirectly shapes you in all sorts of ways. It shapes your views of others, your views and beliefs in yourself, and your ability to overcome mental and physical challenges.
Q: What is your coaching philosophy?
A: Save the Drama for your Mama. Work Hard and results will follow. Excuses are the quickest way to being average.
Q: What is the biggest misconception clients have about CrossFit?
A: “it’s not for me, I’m not like those type of athletes. There is no way I could do that stuff” I’ve seen young people; old people, overweight people, frail people, people with disabilities, injuries, etc. do CrossFit. It’s for EVERYONE and ANYONE! It’s not just about how much you can do or how good you are to start, it’s about making positive change in your life and doing it alongside a wonderful group of people.
Q: What separates you from other professionals in your field?A: I’ve been a student athlete at the highest level and have seen and participated in all types of training. I have a coaching background and understand the rigors of training as a young athlete, and now a somewhat older athlete! Also, I work with 30 females on a daily basis which gives me a one up with any dramatic situation that may come up!
Q: What is one piece of free fitness advice that you would give anyone?
A: Understand "midline stabilization"! Work on core strength every day. Strong Core = Strong extremities!
Q: What is your favorite exercise?
A: Wall Ball…followed closely by Deadlift.
Q: What is your least favorite exercise?
A: Bench Press – pointless if you ask me.
Q: What is your favorite song to listen to when you work out?
A: Anything by "Rage Against the Machine".
Q: What do you love most about working at the MSPF/CrossFit Williamsburg?
A: Watching our athletes transform from Day 1. To watch an athlete rejoice after getting their first kipping pull-up or do their first WOD Rx, or do their first muscle up, is better than anything else. To hear someone say, “I am so proud of myself” or “I feel like I can do anything” makes working at CFW a blessing. I love to see athletes overcome and dominate their fears or past failures.

Britta Marmon is currently not instructing any classes.